Brown Designer Adjustable Derby Walking Cane
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    Brown Designer Adjustable Derby Walking Cane

    Item # 80430

    Product Details

    Are looking for a non-sophisticated appeal in your walking cane? If so, this brown designer cane with a smooth wooden, derby style handle may be a great choice. The aluminum shaft of the cane has a rustic brass color with a polished collar connecting the shaft to the handle. This walking cane is also adjustable. In fashion sense, it's a modern and traditional cane for men.

    Cane Sizing: Sizing Chart

    Weight: Approximately 0.80 pounds

    Maximum Height: adj. from 28"-37"

    Tip Size: 18

    Handle Shape or Style Type: derby

    Wood or Material Type: aluminum,wood

    Cane: cane

    Maximum Weight: 250

    Adjustable Size: 28-37 inches