Red Stocking Cane Bag w/ Drawstring Enclosure
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    Red Stocking Cane Bag w/ Drawstring Enclosure

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    Think outside the box and deliver a walking cane as a gift in one of these hand-sewn, holiday-themed walking cane stockings! Since wrapping a walking cane as a holiday gift is a difficult task, we are happy to provide this high-quality, soft, satiny protective cane bag. It also makes a great walking cane accessory that will last for years as a colorful cane storage bag. Whether it is to wrap a gift in, store a walking cane at home or to keep your walking cane protected from the elements when stored in the back seat of a car, this walking cane accessory is a great addition to your collection as well as a magnificent gift idea. The drawstring makes this item not only easy to close, but adds to the Holiday theme, making this a constant reminder of one of your favorite gifts. As a seasonal item, we carry a limited supply of these walking cane gift bags; order quickly to ensure holiday delivery!

    Cane Sizing: Sizing Chart

    Weight: Approximately 1.50 pounds

    Handle Shape or Style Type: accessory

    Wood or Material Type: cloth

    Cane: accessory

    UPC: 811319010990