Fritz Walnut Handle with Walnut Shaft
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    Fritz Walnut Handle with Walnut Shaft

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    Users with arthritis will find comfort with the design of the Fritz handle. The straighter handle allows for a looser grip that doesn't require as much bending of the fingers. Both the handle and shaft are made of genuine Walnut wood which is a smooth medium to light shade of brown with a unique visible grain. A stylish Silver Royal Canes embossed collar sits just under the handle adding a certain flair. This cane is great transitional piece which will carry you easily from day to evening events in both causal and formal settings.

    Cane Sizing: Sizing Chart

    Weight: Approximately 0.80 pounds

    Maximum Height: 37.5 inches

    Tip Size: 18mm

    Handle Shape or Style Type: fritz

    Wood or Material Type: walnut

    Cane: cane

    UPC: 811319015346

    Maximum Weight: 250