Taupe Rabbit Head-Italian Handle w/Custon Shaft and Collar
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    Taupe Rabbit Head-Italian Handle w/Custon Shaft and Collar

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    "Rabbit rabbit rabbit" on the first day of the month walk with this cane, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month! This beautiful rabbit handle is made from resin and handcrafted in Italy.The handle is accentuated by the shiny ring collar of your choice; which connects the gorgeous handle to a custom shaft of your choice. Your custom shaft choices are: black painted beechwood,brown painted beechwood,Ash or Ovangkol.To finalize your custom cane choose one of the following collars: Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Gold, Brass Silver and Brass 24K Gold.

    Cane Sizing: Sizing Chart

    Weight: Approximately 1.18 pounds

    Handle Shape or Style Type: animal

    Wood or Material Type: beechwood,ovangkol,ash,wenge,ebony

    Cane: cane

    UPC: 811319018330

    Maximum Weight: 180

    Extra Cost for Italy Cane Attributes: $2 Extra Cost for Brass Gold or Silver Collar and $8.50 Extra for Ovangkol Shaft