Hammock Seat Cane - w/Carry Bag - Adj - Genuine Leather
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    Hammock Seat Cane - w/Carry Bag - Adj - Genuine Leather

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    The original hammock seat cane, but in a new adjustable model! This hammock seat stick is the -Luxury Cadillac- of seat sticks. This item has luxurious genuine cowhide leather for the seat and comfortable pigskin leather for the handle. A pin may be removed from the side of the shaft to adjust the height for walking or sitting. Many of our customers buy this hammock seat cane for sporting events such as golf and baseball or for travel such as hiking your favorite trail. The leather covered handles open up to create a hammock seat which gives comfort to the user, knowing there is always a seat at hand.

    This cane requires some balance as the user must lean against the seat while balancing with their legs. There is a removable rubber tip allowing you to rest on a solid surface such as concrete or tile. This tip unscrews and reveals a metal spike that makes the seat easy to rest on when you are outdoors on soft ground. A unique removable disc that screws off the upper shaft can be used while sitting on soft ground such as grass, sand or gravel to prevent the user from sinking into the ground. Click-on the tab below the picture for a closer look.

    Cane Sizing: Sizing Chart

    Weight: Approximately 2.80 pounds

    Maximum Height: adj. from 31.5-38.5 inches

    Tip Size: varies 18mm-22mm

    Handle Shape or Style Type: seat

    Wood or Material Type: aluminum

    Cane: cane

    UPC: 811319011164

    Adjustable Size: 31.5-38.5 inches