Hammock Seat Cane w/Carry Bag - Non Adj  - Genuine Leather
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    Hammock Seat Cane w/Carry Bag - Non Adj - Genuine Leather

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    This seat is a perfect accessory for all of your outdoor or travel needs. Seat canes offer a portable resting place by easily converting from a walking cane to a chair. The genuine leather hammock seat cane has a convenient leather seat and leather wrapped handles for your added comfort. There is a removable rubber tip that allows you to rest on solid surfaces such as concrete or tile. This tip unscrews and reveals a metal spike that makes the seat easy to rest on when you are outdoors on soft ground. By unscrewing the silver metal plate from the top portion of the cane and attaching it to the bottom of the cane before sitting in grassy areas, this will prevent the seat cane and the user from sinking into the soft ground. The British style seat cane comes standard at 35.5 inches with a seat width of 13.5 inches, sitting height 29 inches and is designed for users up to 250 pounds. Bring this seat along for uses such as bird watching, parades, hiking, sporting events or visits to museums.

    Cane Sizing: Sizing Chart

    Weight: Approximately 2.30 pounds

    Maximum Height: 35.5 inches

    Tip Size: a specialty tip 70006--

    Handle Shape or Style Type: seat

    Wood or Material Type: leather

    Cane: cane

    UPC: 811319011904