Cane Sizing

If you can not measure the person.

A cane should be adjusted to the height of the user. 98% of peoples cane measurements will be within one inch of half their height. This is not the recommended way to find someone's height only a rough estimate. (Remember you can always make it shorter but not longer)

Example: For someone 5'6" tall. Convert height into inches...(66 Inches) then divide in half = 33 inches. 33 Inches would be the estimated length. Please round up to the nearest half inch.

To find the exact length of a cane for a specific user.

Below you will find the procedure to find the accurate cane height.

  1. Put on the usual walking shoes.
  2. Stand naturally upright as possible.
  3. Let the arms fall to the sides naturally with a normal relaxed bend at the elbow.
  4. Using a tape measure or yard stick, have someone else measure the distance from the wrist joint (bottom crease at the wrist) down to the floor. Please round up to the nearest half inch.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: This is the standard measurement procedure. Certain users may have specific conditions that will require them to have the cane at a different length.

To find the length of a cane from an existing cane.

Measure from the top of the cane where the palm rests on the handle to the bottom of the rubber tip. Please round up to the nearest half inch.

To shorten a walking cane.

Almost all the canes that we sell come with a rubber tip. This tip may be removed by simply twisting and pulling it off. Make sure to twist the tip off instead of pulling. (please note certain canes such as canes with brass tips or hollow shafts like sword canes may not be shortened. This will be noted for each item.)

The shaft of the cane should be cut flat. This can be done with almost any saw. Just make sure that the wood is cut flat. Most home supply stores have saws available and may cut it for free or for a nominal fee.

Reattach the rubber tip and you are finished.


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